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Severaid & Glahn, PC is a professional corporation based in Sacramento. The attorneys of Severaid & Glahn have more than 30 years of experience primarily in contract and real property law, with an emphasis on representing community associations. Severaid & Glahn represents community associations and other clients throughout northern California from the San Francisco bay area to the central valley to the Lake Tahoe basin.

Severaid & Glahn provides comprehensive support to community associations - from drafting of governing documents to contract review and general legal representation. We work closely with community association officers, boards and managers assisting them in navigating the increasingly complex and ever changing landscape of statutory regulation and case law, affecting all California community associations.

Severaid & Glahn can also assist community associations in meeting their needs for neutral mediation under the mandated meet & confer statutes and in establishing meet & confer programs and procedures consistent with the statutory requirements. With the necessary expertise in community association affairs, Severaid & Glahn’s attorneys and staff can help the mediating parties to focus on the relevant issues and more quickly resolve their differences.

Whether your association is in need of assistance in enforcement of assessment obligations, some sound advice with regard to application of the governing documents, or just a review of documents for compliance with the maze of statutes and rules facing community associations across California, Severaid & Glahn can provide associations and their boards of directors with the necessary information and tools to successfully serve their individual communities.

Severaid & Glahn offers legal services in other practice areas as well, including real estate transactions, trust transfers, will drafting, contract drafting and contract negotiation, in addition to facilitative mediation in other civil and probate matters.

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